I’m a third-year Ph.D. student at the University of Washington Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. I work between the PLSE, MISL, and Sampa groups applying programming language techniques to problems in architecture and synthetic biology.

I’m currently working on programming models for microfluidic chips. These architectures promise to make labs-on-a-chip (LoCs) scalable and affordable, but issues like high error rates, resource management, and concurrency make them difficult to program. The Puddle framework aims to provide a safer, easier way to program these devices.

I’m also working on ways to design and program domain-specific reconfigurable accelerators by applying techniques from programming languages to architecture design.


May 14

I gave a talk on programming languages and microfluidics at PNW PLSE.

Feb 11

I’ll be giving a talk at the Wild and Crazy Ideas session at ASPLOS 2018. Check out the abstract: Puddle: An Operating System Microfluidics

2017 Dec

Jared and I will be giving a talk at OBT at POPL 2018. Check out the abstract: Extensible Semantics for Fluidics

2017 Jun

Vincent and I won the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for our proposal on domain specific reconfigurable accelerators. Thanks to our advisors Ras, Luis, and Alvin!

2017 Apr

I’ll be heading to Eugene over the summer for the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School.


Extensible Semantics for Fluidics
OBT at POPL, January 2018
Design and Implementation of Concurrent C0
Fourth International Workshop on Linearity, June 2016
Design and Implementation of Concurrent C0
  • Max Willsey
Senior Honors Thesis, May 2016
Designated as Exemplary Thesis by the senior thesis award committee
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