High Density DNA Data Storage Library via Dehydration with Digital Microfluidic Retrieval

  title={High density DNA data storage library via dehydration with digital microfluidic retrieval},
    Newman, Sharon and
    Stephenson, Ashley P and
    Willsey, Max and
    Nguyen, Bichlien H and
    Takahashi, Christopher N and
    Strauss, Karin and
    Ceze, Luis
  journal={Nature Communications},
  publisher={Nature Publishing Group},


DNA promises to be a high density data storage medium, but physical storage poses a challenge. To store large amounts of data, pools must be physically isolated so they can share the same addressing scheme. We propose the storage of dehydrated DNA spots on glass as an approach for scalable DNA data storage. The dried spots can then be retrieved by a water droplet using a digital microfluidic device. Here we show that this storage schema works with varying spot organization, spotted masses of DNA, and droplet retrieval dwell times. In all cases, the majority of the DNA was retrieved and successfully sequenced. We demonstrate that the spots can be densely arranged on a microfluidic device without significant contamination of the retrieval. We also demonstrate that 1 TB of data could be stored in a single spot of DNA and successfully retrieved using this method.