I am applying for tenure-track faculty positions. I graduated with a PhD from the University of Washington in May 2021, advised by Luis Ceze. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at UW working with Zachary Tatlock.

My generic application materials can be found below. Please contact me at me@mwillsey.com.

Research Summary

My research aims to make it possible for domain experts to easily build state-of-the-art program optimization, verification, and synthesis tools. To do this, my research focuses on advancing the state-of-the-art in e-graphs and equality saturation. These techniques can alleviate many of the difficulties that currently limit the construction of programming language tools to experts. My approach to this problem adheres to the following principles:

Develop novel, core techniques with solid foundations and broad applicability.
Our research has led to novel techniques that connect programming languages, database theory, and formal methods. These insights have been published at top venues such as PLDI, POPL, OOPLSA, CAV, and others.
Build systems and communities to make these techniques available to users.
I lead the development of egg, a tool that captures this research and makes it available to users not only in academia, but at companies like Intel, Google, Fastly, Certora, and others. I also co-organize the EGRAPHS workshop series, which brings together researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest developments in e-graphs and equality saturation.
Collaborate with domain experts to apply these techniques to real-world problems.
I have worked with students and colleagues to apply these techniques to diverse domains like improving floating point accuracy, shrinking 3D models, and linear algebra optimization. In many cases, these applications have led to new insights to the core techniques themselves.

Selected Papers

A complete, chronological list can be found in my CV or on Google Scholar.